Yes, another sunset...

Zampa Point.  I was trying to get pics of the spinning light shining from the lighthouse.  Got it!

Zampa Point is so close to us, and it's perfect for a sunset jog or stroll.  We went the other night to look for good rappel/climbing points down the cliffside.  We found some!  Unfortunately, we don't have all of our gear.  Hopefully, Adam can get some climbing in while we are here.

This area is about 2 miles from where we live.  Adam ran to Zampa the other day and tried to stay along the coast the entire time.  He ended up running through knee high water, saw crabs as big as his head, and ran through a dark and dripping cave before he had to stop because it was just cliff.  It just amazes me.  I on the other hand, drove the van to Zampa, and jogged along the nice, easy trails along the cliff side.  We met up there and drove back together.  We also stopped at one of the vending machines that are on every corner.  There will be a post on those later.

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  1. a glimpse into mel's life:

    wake up, drag my ass to work, pour cup of coffee, check sarah's blog, deep breath, gain energy for the day.

    nice sunset!