Typhoon Songda

Typhoon Songda is gaining strength as it heads this way.  The pictures make it seem really scary, but this is typical during typhoon season and a reason why all the buildings on Okinawa are made of reinforced concrete,  everyone is calm and ready and its comforting to know that miles off shore there are coral reefs that break up any heavy waves coming in.  This is no big deal. (I'm a little scared, don't tell Adam.)
Here she blows as of 2 days ago.  Right now we are in TCCOR 2 which means it will hit Okinawa within 12 hours.  We bought lots of chocolate, rented 4 movies, got lots of fruit, brought the plants inside, and Adam just left for a good 10 mile rain run, before the winds get too bad.  We are just preparing to be inside all weekend.

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