Hermit Crab Beach

Hermit Crab Beach is what Adam and I named the secret little beaches on one of the Eastern Peninsulas of Okinawa.  We found this beach by accident, and we only saw one other person strolling the beach while we were there.  It was a secret beach!  On our hunt for White Beach, we followed the coastline and curved our way through farming fields on tiny little roads, and finally one of the roads dead ended.  There was a stairway leading down through the thick canopy of tropical trees.  We saw the white sand, and the formations, shells, and hermit crabs were everywhere!  We took pics, climbed the rocks and went for a dip in the gorgeous waters of the Philippine Sea.  We named it Hermit Crab beach because you could literally look around and see 10 hermit crabs crawling along the shells...some were so tiny, you couldn't see them until they crawled across the sand.

This will be a great place to snorkel when we get all our gear!

We had a great Sunday here.

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