Yomitan Yards

I don't know why but the title 'Yomitan Yards' makes me think of that song 'My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard..'umm, yeah. 

Welcome to Yomitan!  This is such a chill area.  It's about 8 miles from Kadena, predominately Japanese people, away from the American traps.  There are so many good things about the area...it's so laid back, people are friendly and kind, it's completely safe and it's so rich in personality and culture.  Before the typhoon hit, I was walking all over this village with my camera, and discreetly taking pictures of people's backyards.  They have the tiniest little yards and they fill them with plants; all so unique.  The neighborhood just has so much to see, yet these pics were taken within a 1 mile radius of our apartment.  Check it:
 These kids were walking home from school.  (I've seen kids as young as 4 or 5 walking by themselves to school.  It's island life I suppose...)  They all kept giggling at me, so I pointed to my camera and motioned for them to get together for a pic.  They simultaneously threw up 3 peace signs.

 This is one of my favorite yards.  I always pass it now that we have a dog and are always going on walks.  It's just so Japanese.  Iron lanterns are hanging from trees, there is this temple structure leading you into the garden, bonsai limbs shaping the edges.  I just want the old magic medicine man to walk out with a cane and invite me in for tea, meditation and Japanese lessons.

These little succulents are sitting outside of a small pottery studio.  You can see newly spun pottery along dozens of shelves.  The man inside always has the window open giving a nice view of the newly spun pottery along his shelves; and there is always cheesy Japanese pop music playing. 

ORCHIDS...oh so many.
 BONSAI...oh so many.

 Look at this tiny yard...how do they get to the front door?  They must go in the through back...I want this yard and all those plants.
  Cutest miniature mode of transportation ever.


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  1. I love reading your blog! Its so awesome seeing you guys take this amazing journey! Glad to see you have a four legged friend!

    Miss you!!!