Family Time

Best thing about Christmas...family time.  Now I have two families!  And the best part is that both sides of the family are incredibly hilarious.  We laugh so much, never a dull moment, usually complete sarcasm fills our conversations, and we all love each other so much.  I give credit to my father-in-law and to Adam for these photos that I'm posting...I haven't picked up my camera this entire holiday.  Just living in the moment I guess..
 Meet Cody.  He is so smart, well-behaved, and patient.  Here he is posing anxiously with a treat on each paw and one resting on his nose.  Those eyes say it all.
 On the day that Adam and I arrived, my family drove up to Adam's parents home in Atlanta to spend some time with us.  It was a houseful of smiles.  This was an epic day.  Nat and I were warming up in front of the fire while visions of sugarplums danced through our heads.

 This is the next member of the family with 4 legs, Bruno the boxer.  He is not quite as patient with the treats, but he did sit for the photo..
 Adam captured some shots of us on the couch looking at a book full of puppies.  So cute (we are!)

 Love the candids, but of course you have to have some posed family shots.  It's tradition.  Good times.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and will have a great New Year.


1000 Cranes


a mission of peace, patience and papercuts.


Christmas Cards!

With so much time on my hands, I decided to use my hands for something productive.
Well, Christmas is almost here...and I love crafty stuff.  So I went to the local hobby lobby, picked up some ink, grabbed the brightest greens and reds, and the most important component Modpodge.
It took a lot of time, but here are the results!


Recycled treasures

Check out these awesome recycled treasures!


With all this time on my hands...I'm finding some really cool stuff on the interweb.  I will continue to share!

Putting on the brakes

Man..I was looking back on some older blog posts and realized how fast and full my life was for a while there.  Now it has really slowed down so much, that I'm having trouble figuring out what to do with my time.  Isn't it funny how sometimes it feels there just aren't enough minutes in the day, but when you aren't really utilizing them, the days feel so long.  No job prospects.  Driving back to GA for Christmas ...it will be his first time home since March, so we are getting very excited about it.  I'm feeling the artist in me finding my pen late at night to sketch out the latest daydream.  A project will be coming on very soon.
I'm trying to study Japanese, beginning with notecards.  Here's what I've learned so far:
Ohayou Gozaimasu =  Good Morning
Konnichi Wa = Good Afternoon  (thank you Kill Bill, I already knew that one)
Konban Wa = Good Night

Genki Desu Ka? =  How are you?
Genki Desu = I'm fine.

I LOVE YOU comes in many forms...not sure when to use each one...so I'll use them all!
Suki desu
Suki dayo
Daisuki desu
Aisheteru yo

I'm not even attempting the characters yet...woah



Gabriel García Márquez

He was born in Colombia, and he writes about Colombia;  the wildly enchanting life of his parents, and his own adventures from childhood thru adulthood...some embellished in the most outlandish extraordinary ways...I found a torn apart One Hundred Years of Solitude early in the year in a used book store for $4...a maze of crazy adventures too fantastical to put life aside for an hour but then go on as normal with your day. 
Living to Tell the Tale his Nobel Prize Winning Memoir of sorts, gives a lot of insight into his other books. His stories of banana plantations, smoky train cars, and an abandoned childhood.
Of course, there is Love in the Time of Cholera..a romance so heartbreaking, so lovely.  The first line of the book is a hook and reel-- 
"It was inevitable: the scent of bitter almonds always reminded him of the fate of unrequited love."

A classic that is SO classic, I'll probably buy a copy or two for Christmas gifts.  So worthy.

Crayon Sculpting

Perhaps you've seen these inctricate sculptures before...they must be carved with pins!



I moved!
Wichita Falls, TX...a town with an Air Force Base and a small college...where my love just so happens to be based at the moment.  I just couldn't wait any longer.  I had to come out here and keep him company.

This little guy just so happened to come with the apartment :)