Maeda Point

Maeda is one of the top scuba diving areas on the island.  When you get there, it's pretty obvious because there is gear rental everywhere, and when you look out over the water you see dozens of buoys bobbing around in the water which means that there are divers below.  Boats patrol the area and it's very safe and I assume the underwater world is spectacular.  We are not diver certified, but that is a must-do here!  It's on our to do list.  So at Maeda Point last weekend we just hiked around the area and looked for good rock climbing, saw the diving spots, and the really cool cliffs!

An interesting observation is that most people aren't really into exploring the island.  So many people/couples on base that we've spoken to don't know about any of the beautiful spots on the island and they have been here for over a year!
Hopefully, with our big van, we can load it up with people and go on sightseeing adventures.  Very excited for this!

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