Nirai, coves and crabs

This area where we live sits up on a hill overlooking the ocean.  It's about a 10 minute walk to the coast as you walk through winding narrow roads of small farms, flowers, and neighborhoods.  A few days ago I decided to go exploring, just me and the Nikon.  The day went something like this:
Nirai Beach
 It was around 8am and I walked to Nirai beach which is just outside of a resort hotel, organized with a cabana and rental area for watersports, a designated swim area and lots of cute little Asian kids wrapped in floating noodles running around.  It's a pristine beach...water is gorgeous...but a few too many people for me.  So I climbed the nearby cliffs and just over a rocky boarder was a tiny little hidden secret cove beach!  (or so I thought)...
Secret Cove

Do you see that little booger?  He crawled right out from under that rock and I shrieked!   (Then I remembered that I'm bigger than him..)

Little crabs were hangin out with me!
This little cove beach was amazing..except when I came back to it a few hours later for some swimming, the tide was so far out that it didn't even resemble a beach anymore!  Crazy!

Photography Beach
(I can't read the signs in Japanese..sooo, don't know names)
So I walked on...and as I walked North following the coastline, I came  upon another beach...the top of the lighthouse at Zanpa Point was in view. 
This beach was also dog-friendly!
Then I saw a sweet couple having their wedding photos made...so sweet.  When they noticed me taking their picture they all started giggling.

Doesn't it look like they are being photographed by the Secret Service?

Moving right along so the Secret Service could go on with their job...I walked Northbound.  I stopped at one point to take a picture and something crawled right across my toes.  Another shriek!  I looked down and didn't see anything.  I looked closer and got my favorite photo-op of the day:
The white crab, who blended so easily with the colors of the sand, was a wonderful subject for me.  It stood very still and let me take some glamour shots.  Click on it!  It's so detailed.

Windmill Beach
We both went along our way and I came to another beach with a windmill and a woman was carving a heart into the sand.

Such a beautiful day to explore.  We have had many more rainy days than sunny...but when that sun comes out...wow!
Will post more soon!  It's Saturday morning here, we are still breathing!  and are about to go to Beach clean-up to volunteer.  It's at Kadena Marina beach...(i'll take my camera)

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