New plants!

Yesss!  I just could not go on living without filling this new and empty apartment with some green, living and growing plants!  Everywhere you go in Okinawa there are gorgeous tropical plants...people with teeny tiny yards will cover everything in ivy, bonsai, palms..you name it.  It's so beautiful and thriving here.
 Plumeria tree!  It's really bigger than the picture makes it seem.  As the weeks progress, the leaves are going to get really big and there will be beautiful white blossoms!  Can't wait for that!
 Freebie..an unknown which will also bloom in a few weeks.  I love not knowing what these plants are going to do!
 Plants add so much to a living space...it's amazing.

We are pretty crazy about this website called Okinawa Bookoo Yard Sales.  All the families that are heading back to the states get on this website and post all the stuff they want to sell, and usually it's really cheap!  That's where we found the van, and that's also where I found these gorgeous plants...for next to nothing.

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