Zampa Point

This is Zampa Point, a peninsula on the Western coast of Okinawa.  The very tip of the peninsula is formed with rocky cliffs, parks and a beautiful lighthouse.  We strolled from the beaches of Zampa, all the way to the point.  When we reached the lighthouse, the sun was just starting to set.

 We sat on the edge of the cliffs and watched the Japanese fishermen shimmy along the rocky cliffs...dangerously close to the edge; the bait they were using was as big as my hand, the water they were casting into was a deep deep blue.

The cliffs had an eerie look...there were dark caves where the water met rock..

The ocean is SO overwhelming in size, beauty, depth, emotion...we sat and stared out over the East China Sea, watching the fishermen cast over the cliffs, watching the sun set behind the lighthouse.  It was then that we knew we needed to live in Yomitan-Son..an area of Okinawa just south of this point.  We signed on an apartment yesterday!!


  1. It's also so tiny and random at the same time. I love it!

  2. This sounds like the perfect place to settle down! I hope you guys get to do some fishing. :) (and make more hermit-crab friends!)