It's a girl!

 From 2 to 3! We adopted a sweet girl named Cinder who is an 11 month old boxer.  We replied to a posting about a female boxer, and set up a time to meet.  Her previous family did not have any time for her and kept her in a kennel for very long hours of the day.  She wasn't getting the love, exercise and attention that she deserves.  So we went to meet her, and she greeted us with open paws (literally...she is a hugger.)  We couldn't get enough, and took her home that day for a trial weekend.  It turned out that the night we took her home there happened to be a Category 4 Typhoon that ripped at Okinawa all night long.  She did great and helped us as we anticipated the approaching storm.  It took her about a day to get comfortable here, and now she is part of the family!

Here is what we know about her after 48 hours:
1.  She is a hugger! (sometimes they are attempted hugs.) She thinks she is smaller than she is.

2.  She is very alert and curious in her new surroundings.

3. She is very obedient and eager to please.  She never wants to leave your side.  We can already tell that she isn't used to all this love and attention but she really likes it!

 4.  She loves to snuggle. :)
5.  Sometimes her tooth gets caught on her lip, and it's really cute. 
 6.  She is a fast runner.  Lucky for us there is a huge field overlooking the ocean where we can walk her and let her off the leash to run.  She does this thing...when we are running and playing, she will run full speed towards us and just slam into us!  I don't think she realizes how fast she is going.  It's a full on tackle.
It's funny to watch her run because her front feet haven't caught up with her back legs.  She's a little goofy.

 7.  She loves the beach and ocean.  When the water comes up to the sand, she plays with it and tries not to let it get her.  It's very entertaining.

6.  She is really strong and doesn't know it because she is still very much a playful puppy. 
WE LOVE HER!!!  She is a perfect dog for us and we are a great fit for her.  Expect to see more of her around the blog !!

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  1. So Sarah, I see you are eating with chop stix!.... impressive! Love, Bill