Sweet new wheels

We are the proud new owners of a 1992 Mitsubishi Delica, 4WD, 4 cylinder turbo diesel, island roaming Van...our great dive mystery machine, perfect for your offroad adventures, camping excursions, scuba house on wheels, future animal sanctuary (for our future dog)...it seats 8 comfortably, this thing is HUGE...we now own the smallest car and the biggest car on the island.  It's our $1200 baby.
We have been grinning all day driving it along the coast...it has awesome 90s technicolor graphics, it's a growling time capsule that has been creating grins of sheer pleasure for nearly two decades.

Here's to our new Delica.  Make us proud...


  1. Spectacular!!! I want one!!!
    You are sooo going to want to bring that back with you in 3 yrs.

  2. I want to go on a mystery voyage with y'all in this beast.