Nahuel Huapi y Bariloche

Bariloche sits along the coastline ofLago Nahuel Huapi, in the center of a national park. It is a breathtaking place with a lot of young travelers who come to seek out fresh powder for hitting the slopes. I have been perfectly content walking around the town, seeing the gorgeous views of the surrounding lake and Andes, as well as meeting new people in thehostel here. Alpine architecture is seen throughout which really gives you a sense that this really is Patagonia...not a facade.
(also, for those who are wondering, these photos are unaltered. They are directly from my camera to this blog. Incredible, no?)
It snowed for 2 hours! Then the clouds cleared...and life went on as usual...

I walked down from the hostel about 1 block to the small beach along Lago Naheul Huapi...can you believe this crystal clear lake? I've never seen a lake that looks like the ocean...

This is the view from the window of my room overlooking Bariloche. Seriously the nicest hostel I've ever stayed in. It's a little hidden secret.

AND get this, I shared a room with two girls and the cost was 55
Argentine Pesos per night..which equates to about US$13...Can you believe it? For those of you who know how frugal I am...you know how happy this made me :)

Follow me to Bariloche and beyond..

I'm in Bariloche! I've learned recently that a lot of people are following my blog, THANKS for reading!! I've decided to go into more detail about my trip, my days, it helps me regurgitate these thoughts and hopefully you will enjoy and live a little through my experiences.

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Thanks again and read on! The journey is only getting better!

After a 22 hour bus ride (yes 22 hours, imagine being on a plane for 22 hours and having turbulence the entire time...) It was an overnight ride. We left from Buenos Aires Retiro bus station and into the flat and dry lands of Argentina. (Adam is hilarious...he told me that he imagined me on an old school bus, sitting next to an old man holding a goat...) Not exactly. It was a nice bus, 2 levels and I was arriba, on the second floor, so my views were nice. We watched a few movies...oddly they were all in english with spanish subtitles. Get this! One of the movies was Dear John, a story of a girl who meets a guy in the military, they fall in love and he has to leave so they only communicate through letters. I was a ball of mush...what are the odds? Another odd moment of the bus ride, after they served a modest dinner, they turned all the lights off and I thought it was time to sleep. But the bus attendant came around asking everyone if they would like a drink. I said yes and he brought me a cup of straight whiskey...no ice. Like 2 shots in a plastic cup...? I drank a sip, but that turbulence wasn't going to allow for a good time. After a bumpy sleep, the sun peaked through the shades and hit my face. I woke up and glared out the window to a view of a winding crystal clear river, and high snowy mountain peaks in the distance, which we were getting closer to with every sharp turn. I was glued to the window for the next 2 hours of the trip. Gorgeous. Unfortunately, I didn't get my camera out...that would be for Bariloche.

When we got to Bariloche, there was a light rain and a chilling wind...around 35F..cold! I took a taxi to Hostel1004, which is on the top floor of the Bariloche Center Bldg...there are no signs, I read about this place in my Argentina travelbook...they said it has the best views in town. Agreed! Here is the view from my window while I have coffee, bread with butter, homemade jam and nice company...
I've walked all around Bariloche, a cute mountain town known around S. America for the skiing. I am rooming with a girl named Maria from Israel, very nice and soft spoken. We had coffee this morning in the ttday room of the hostel...the views cannot be described with words. I even wish my camera could take pictures as clear and real as my eyes can see, but in this case, a photo cannot do it justice. It snowed last night! (more pics to come) But afterwards and this morning the clouds cleared and the mountains came into view over Nahuel Huapi Lake...

The only other thing that can take my breath away like this is Adam...that says a lot.

Many more photos to come...It takes a little while to upload, so when I get back from my trek, I will spend my time in the day room for dinner and uploading.
Sending my love from 1004 Bariloche, Argentina! xoxo


San Telmo y La Boca

San Telmo y La Boca...an eye catching experience.. cool BLOG from the streets of Argentina to you.
Loveit...perros, sleeping so soundly and giving me a great photo op.

La Boca

A lot of things
throughout Argentina remind me of other countries...very distinct smells, stray dogs, people with bells trying to get your attention, street vendors--here they sell honey roasted peanuts and corn, American fannypacks, fast taxis, cigarettes during breakfast, cigarettes during lunch and dinner, coffee all the time, public affection, motorcycles utilizing sidewalks, pigeons atop monuments, discotecas...black and dirty during the day, alive at night, steak grilling in the street, early morning disorientation,
public protests, street sweepers, police whistles...just a few things from today that made me smile.

a favorite--the brass door knockers:
La Boca!

San Telmo
Ok..my favorite photography thus far!!!
San Telmo is the artsy and hip district where lots of old mansions turned into cheap flats and apartments. Here there are lots of crowded antique shops, cobblestone streets, and I got there at the right time because there were not too many people. I strolled through around 10 am...street sweepers were out, and shops had just opened.
After the very long walk to La Boca the colors almost knocked me over! There were so many dancers in the streets, TANGO

La Ciudad

Last night was fun...I felt safer at night than in the day...more policemen were out.
El Congreso has amazing architecture. I was walking around their capital building and of course...a protest. I stuck
to the busy areas. There is this pedestrian street called Calle Florida where there is live music every few blocks....usually Spanish speakers singing American songs...I stopped to listen to one band singing Pink Floyd...as I got closer, I realized they weren't actually saying anything...they were mumbling what the song sounded like...and it sounded pretty good! ha

The Pink House...where the Presidente works.

Today I woke to a policeman blowing his whistle over and over and over... and over again. Good morning city! I had a little breakfast in the hotel...so much Spanish, I love it. I have no idea what they are saying..I can definitely get by, but the Spanish here is much different than Castilian. I've gotten a few odd looks, but hey, they give me the answers I want, I must be saying something right...

Buenos Dias Buenos Aires!

Park in Buenos Aires

peanuts and windmills
The Congreso neighborhood..my hotel.

Plaza de Mayo
I made it! I am staying in a hotel that has an old elegant charm...an elevator runs right up the middle with an iron staircase winding around it.
s is the ceiling in my room, they are so high and the doors are massive. I love it!
The hustling bustling city is just outside of my balcony:
aka, I drift off the sleep to the sound of buses screeching to a stop, honking cars, yelling drunks and the like.
I arrived in the city yesterday morning and walked all over the Congreso district as well as Plaza de Mayo and
Microcentro. I was connected through a mutual friend, Walker, with a woman named Marta who works in a law firm here in Buenos Aires and is translating a book for him. I went to her office and spent almost 2 hours talking to her about Argentina, politicos, love, friends, and each other. We were both so excited to meet and we hit it off so well. Gracias Marta por un buen tiempo contigo...
For you Adam, every restaurant serves coke in a glass...Marta had one.


Beinvenidos ARGENTINA!

I'm on my way!
Current Itinerary:
Thursday night I will be Argentina bound, landing in Buenos Aires the morning of August 27th. I will bus it to La Plaza de Mayo and from there walk a few blocks to a nearby hostel. Staying in the city for 2 nights. Planning to meet a woman by the name of Marta...mutual friend introduction. Catching a 20 hour bus ride to Bariloche on Sunday and arriving on Monday afternoon...staying in a sweet hostel there overlooking Nahuel Huapi. Then I'll take a bus southbound to the hippy mountain town of El Bolson where I will meet director of La Confluencia and venture into the backcountry of Patagonia to get acquainted with my home for the next 2 months. It is cold there right now...around 45°F as it is the end of their winter season.
Nice way to beat the heat in my opinion.
Well Friends and family...loved ones and lovers...I'll be back in November to plan a wedding.
Until then, My daily activities may include, but are certainly not limited to: digging and planting in organic gardens, bio-intensive minifarming, constructing energy and resource efficient buildings, tapping into alternative energy sources, community outreach, caring for the horses, sheep and cattle, cooking for new arrivals, meeting new and eager volunteers and trekking into the unknown.
Follow me on this adventure..I will be posting photos weekly, if not daily.
Excited beyond words ...


Race. Give. Love.

These guys really rock.. Way to go Johnny and Josh ! Your vision is a reality!


Slow Exposures Entry

He guys!! Thanks for the input on all of the photos that I was thinking of submitting for the Slow Exposures Photo Contest.
The results are in and 68 were chosen out of about 700 entries.

And I'm one of them!!! YAY!
I entered 6 photos, and this one was chosen...

Fly Fishin'

Here's the story behind the photo:
A father and son were Fly Fishin' on the Hooch one muggy afternoon after a rain. I decided to take a bike ride along the river with my camera strapped to my back in the hopes of finding some foggy inspiration along the water. I got this photo along with about 10 more of these guys fishin. I continued on my bike ride for a few miles, and on the way back, I saw the two on the path coming off the water. I stopped and told them that I took a few photos of them and would be happy to send them. I got his email address and sent a few his way. His reply was heartfelt and he thanked me graciously for sending. COOL...now it's a winner! Karma?


curvy earth


Strawberry on top

(One of my going away surprises..)


Here is an apology for not posting much in the past few weeks. SO much is going on right now. My last day at work was yesterday. Move out is in 2 days!
I'm going to Texas in 1 week.
Then headed to Argentina with a huge backpack that will weigh half of my body weight at the end of the month. geez...
but this is a very exciting time. Throughout my time in Argentina, I will have my computer so check back periodically and get new updates. There will be lots of photos to be posted of those Patagonia peaks !!

SO don't worry, this blog is going to be rejuvenated with a new continent very soon. Hang with me.