Practicing Restraint

Every morning when I get out of bed, I want a piping hot cup of coffee and good ole fashioned buttermilk pancakes. 
Every morning, I go to the kitchen cabinet, and look at the pancake mix.
Every morning, I have to practice restraint.

Pregnancy cravings are serious business...

Baby Room

Every time I walk into Luke's room, the thought of his arrival is all consuming.  We've got it filled in with all the essential things that he will need for his welcome home celebration.  Adam is building him a corner changing table with shelving, and eventually some cute book shelves to go on the wall.  We have also received some really amazing gifts from family and friends.

I've had a fun time making some animals to decorate the walls!
I drew some fun sketches of lions, giraffes, turtles, butterflies, elephants and other animals...We got a huge thin sheet of wood and I chose a few of the good sketches, graphed them onto the wood to a larger scale.  Adam cut the outlines out of the wood, and then I painted them.  Now they are hanging on his walls and we will be able to take them with us when we leave the island!
Check it out!  Very fun project...



(The elephant is my favorite!)


Maternity Photos

Airin Owen Photography is AMAZING!  She is a local photographer here in Okinawa, and she has a great eye and wonderful personality.   She really hooked us up with an awesome photoshoot experience.  I saw an ad for a model call to do a free photoshoot...she was looking for a big ole pregnant woman.  I fit the bill!
We went to a beautiful little hidden beach in Yomitan and had a really fun time playing in the water, laughing and telling our stories.  It didn't feel like a photoshoot...except for the times that she made me feel really beautiful, despite my balloon of a belly.
Here are the photos that she captured...a time in history that Adam and I will always remember.

Thank you Airin!  
These are awesome!!


week by week


2011 is OVER!?

Where did the year go?  Anyone have an answer to that?  I can't believe how fast time flies...Adam and I have been in Okinawa for 8 months already!  It feels like we just got here.
2011 was truly amazing though...can't say anything negative about it.  A collection of good memories!

Cinder and I inevitably took all of our wonderful Christmas lights down... a sad evening.
Then Adam showed up from work early!  Surprise! 
However...2012 is going to be incredible!  With the birth of our son fast approaching...of course due on leap year.  The anticipation is building!
Onward 2012!  Time to look forward!
To NEW beginnings...

Fun Christmas 2011

 A few fun Christmas moments to share!
 Thanks Mama, for the beautiful jewelry set that belonged to you...I will always cherish it!

Love Adam's face...that's got to be the best part of Christmas morning...watching the surprise and excitement!!  And of course, playing with all of our new toys!

 I got Adam an adult Darth Vader costume...just so he can say "Luke, I am your father"

 Cinder held on to all the bows for us...she really loved it :)

Christmas belly!!!