Wild Oklahoma

Yesterday, Adam and I strapped our bikes to the car and drove out to the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge.

It's almost 60,000 acres of hiking trails, mountains, desert, and so much wildlife, free to roam.  We mapped out a route, and we took off...It was such a gorgeous day! 

We planned to ride our bikes to the top of Mt. Scott, climbing 2,646 feet on a steep winding climb up the mountain.  As we approached the mountain I told Adam I just might not be able to make it to the top...but with a little encouragement and some hardcore pedaling, we made it, and I felt on top of the world! 

  We had the best day ever...the ride down was exhilarating...on the brakes and sailing...We rode all over the eastern section of the park, saw buffalo grazing, prairie dogs popping up everywhere, beautiful lakes...and after cycling up a mountain, and 20 + miles of touring, we were tired and hungry.  Chick Fil A ...Nothing could be more satisfying.

Best day in a long time.  It will become a weekly favorite.

A global need

When the needs of the world, the chaos, the pain, the suffering, gets to be too much for all of us who can't really do much about it...
Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone.
-Andy Stanley



I stretch, and do cardio after my long cycling days, but never exactly sure if i'm doing it right...I certainly don't feel that spiritual connection that yoga can offer...I am a new follower of a yoga guru, Georgie.  Check out her blog!  She has inspiring words on how to approach yoga class and how to "throw a party for your body."


I aspire:
(crazy cirque du soleil chic)


A few old favorites

All of these were shot in Oregon a few years ago when I was testing out my new Nikon.


New Website!

GET READY 2011!!!!
I am launching my new website : Lens Mission Photography!!!

click me, love me, pass me on

I will be updating it for a while with photos...(there are SO many)  and it's been hard to choose which ones to put up...Please let me know what you think.  I need feedback.

YES...I can check one off of my top 30 list.  New photography site is LIVE...CHECK!


Backyard Fantasy

Things I wouldn't mind seeing in my backyard...
  I especially love the globes and the mossy forest in this one:
 These treehouses are especially awesome.  My Dad built me a treehouse in our small backyard when I was a kid...The tree was growing right through the middle of it.
Thank you Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse you are the prototype...what we all covet...
 Oooh pretty lights.
 Aurora Borealis...top 30 list, I will meet you one day.
2 chairs, 2 cups of tea, mumford and sons, husband, sunset...


Catching light


Top 30 things to do before i'm 30

That's not too far away, but so much can happen in 4 years!  In no particular order....

1. Have conversations in Japanese and Italian
2. Learn how to kite-surf
3. Watch the launching of a space shuttle (if that happens in the next 4 years)
4. Rescue a dog
5. Have a wedding!
6. Get my pilots license
7. Finish a triathalon
8. Start an organic garden and grow my own kitchen herbs, fruits and veggies
9. Make bread from a memorized recipe
10. Launch my photography website
11. Make Adam cry with happiness (it's too often my tears of joy)
12. Rock climb in New Zealand
13. Learn to play guitar
14. Go Scuba Diving
15. Camp under an Aurora Borealis
16. Open my heart to country music
17. Teach English in a foreign country
18. Paint/draw a series
19. Learn to drive a motorcycle
20. Become a swing dancer
21. Tour S.E. Asia with Adam
22.  Learn to sail
23.  Learn calligraphy
24.  Ride a mechanical bull
25.  Start a masters degree (notice how I say 'start')
26.  Make a habit of writing letters
27.  Do 3 pull-ups
28.  Knit a scarf
29.  Climb a mountain above 10,000 ft. : Mt. Fuji, Mt. Kita & Mt. Yari
30.  Knock out at least half of this list...


Nihongo ga dekimasen

'I don't speak Japanese'
Let the studying begin.

1  ichi
2  ni
3  san
4  shi
5  go
6  roku
7  shi chi
8  hachi
9  kyu
10 zyuu

Starting with the simple things...this is going to be a long journey.  Adam and I have decided to get a motorcycle when we get there, or possibly before we go.  He wants a 1970s cafe racer.  I just want to ride on the back...Whatever we end up with...we will need to know how to read the street signs!
There will never be anything like the scoot scoot that started it all..