Toilets of the world

All of you long time followers might remember the Swiss robot toilet in Zurich
( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVlKfaeb0Mk )

Well, now it has met it's match!!

Meet the Japanese Robot Toilet.  This one has 3 features...one of which I love, the other 2, not so sure about.
The first time I went to the bathroom, I sat down and didn't ever want to get up.  The seat is heated!  With different levels of heat for your bathroom using comfort.  Fabulous feature!

I couldn't wait for Adam to get home to use it!  He was, unlike me, willing to push the other buttons...the buttons explain it all.

Ever heard of a bidet?  This toilet has one that is built in.  I won't go into details...let's just say the Japanese people are very sanitary..


  1. You have a bidet?! That is hilarious. My mom tells me they are the epitome of luxury. I think they are just plain AWKWARD.

  2. I assume the middle button is the Bidet? Since it is a butt with water spurting up to it! LOL!