Funny reblog

Steve Jobs (founder of Apple) and Bill Gates sit down for a chat...

I stole this funny sequence from:  http://leilockheart.me/

90s cartoons

The other night at a friend's place, we somehow got on the topic of our favorite Saturday morning cartoons.  The prime 1990's era of cartoons bring back a certain nostalgia.  We all sat around trying to think of as many Nickelodeon classics as possible...
That next day, I went online and found so many that i'd forgotten, bringing back fond memories of brain-numbing, nonsensical, extraordinary and necessary 30 minute experiences in my childhood...Maybe you will remember a few of these:
Of course there are always our favorites...
Looney Tunes!  Bugs Bunny, The Roadrunner, Pepe le Pew, Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck, Tweety...
they will always be legends of our time.
But what about when the cartoons weren't weird or gripping enough...we moved on..
Hey Arnold
Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego?
'We're Animaniacs, and we're brainy to the max...' 
Pinky and the Brain
Doug Funny
Pepper Ann

 The Adventures of Pete and Pete
Ren and Stimpy...disgusting...

Double Dare
You Can't Do That on Television

 Tiny Toon Adventures
Rocko's Modern Life

 Clarissa Explains it All...remember the guy with the ladder who always climbed into her window?  What was that supposed to teach me as a little girl??
Saved By the Bell...I still love you. 
Hey Dude
Inpector Gadget
The Secret World of Alex Mack
Salute your Shorts!
'Camp Anawanna, we hold you in our hearts, and when we think about you, it makes me wanna FART!'

February Freeze

 The birds FLOCK to this place...there are millions of them flying around.

After the 'February Freeze' here in Wichita Falls...there was a ton of snow.


A time, a place, a view

I wanted to choose a selection of my photography with a theme, but I just started picking photos that all caught my attention...so here are a few, some of these have been posted before; others may be new and never before seen! 
AND I totally dropped the photo of the day trend...let's bring that back, shall we?
 St. Thomas, sunset beach, family reunion

 Salisbury Cathedral in Wiltshire, England...this old woman was creepin up the aisle, a steady faith

 Goonie's Rock!  Oregon coast, 2 friends and a hike through the forests to this view...amazing.

 George L. Smith State Park in South Georgia...kayaking with Adam.  The water so still.
 A white stucco house had this boat full of cacti in the front courtyard.  Awesome color.

 This photo of me was taken by Peter, in Argentina as we made our ascent up Cerro Piltriquitron.

This was a pathway leading down the cliffside to the banks of the Rio Azul at La Confluencia, Argentina.

This was yet another spectacular sunset view at the top of a lookout near our cabin, Argentina.

 A Japanese baseball game...and the crowd goes wild.
Photo of the Day

 In a London suburb waiting for the train.

A bell and a harsh sun, Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge...last weekend.


Happy Valentines Day

Found browsing for hearts <3


Color guard

My darling sister, Natalie, and her color guard team along with the Pike County High School Band were (the only school in Georgia) chosen to march and play at the NYC Veterans Parade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
So SHOUT out to the Pike County High School Band, Color guard and my very talented sister for their accomplishments and being chosen for such an honorable privilege! 


Cute Etsy

If you don't love Etsy then you should look a little deeper...This is a wonderful website that takes you on a journey inside of the creative minds with products of creative hands ...dazzling art, crafts, jewelry, clothing, everything imaginable...go see.

Here is (part of) my WiShLisT:

 Wall Decals (great for the concrete walls in Japan)

 Recycled glass!!  Love this...should learn how to make this at home...

 Wear what you do...cute

 One of my bf's Alicia gave me one of these super cute magnets as a Christmas gift...lots of birds and clever one liners...great for decorating a fridge! 

 Cool art, nature, photography...inspiration!!!

 I have no idea what this is...but its so cute.  I would string this across a window above the kitchen sink.  Maybe even clip some dried lavender to the line.

 I want these blankets, spread out in a grassy field...(or a white sand beach), with a picnic basket full of treats cuddling with a little puppy and a husband...Too far?  Also a rainbow in the sky would be nice...
 Another cute blanket :  From anthropologie:
Cute scarf and cute purse...the Inca and Aztec designs are so timeless..

Bolo Tie!  (So Texas baby)..not exactly on my wishlist because I already bought one! 
Made by the hands of none other than Melissa Lynn Chapman, one of my favorite people.  Check out her jewelry, and when you fall in love, buy some!

Ooooh, I want to wear these cozy pants everyday, all the time!