BLIZZZZZard 2010

When the snow has fallen, the air is calm, and the sun peeks through the trees...there is a moment of peace and awe that I cannot describe.

Well...it seems that I spoke too soon...about our snowfall that is. We had a minor snowfall that put everyone into a tizzy. THIS time...we had a blizzard that dropped 4-5 inches out of the sky and turned our freeze into soft powdery snow...please :)
Needless to say, I had a snowday. I romped around in the winter wonderland that is the nature preserve behind my house. Here are some fun snowy winter photos
BLIZZARD 2010 brrrr!

This beautiful stump was layered with snow. I loved this contrast.

double take

Across the river and through the woods...

It sure is amazing the way Georgia Pines hold their snow!


Valentines Day: Roses or Robots?

So are roses really the way to woman's heart? Quite possibly.

But to me it means so much more to get a bouquet of flowers (or one flower) on a day just like any other day...when you least expect them, totally out of the blue... on a weird rainy Monday when you just got off work and all you're thinking about is taking your shoes off. Then in comes a colorful bundle of flowers and the sweetest guy in the world. Aaah, heart proceeds to melt...
Valentines Day is nice too...

Roses sure are beautiful.

But so are ROBOTS!!!

Ella the hiker dog

Alicia aka Li Li and I went on a nice hike the other day. She brought her wonderful dog, Ella, who might I add is the perfect hiker dog! Actually, she is just the perfect dog..
Alicia is also a perfect hiker friend! She knows everything about every plant and every bird that we encounter, or hear. She knows what animal was there, how long ago they were there AND what they ate for dinner all by looking at....well you get the idea.

The night the roads closed down in Georgia

Adam loves these pictures...so this post is for you.

As you can see, we had a massive blizzard in Georgia. Roads were closed, schools were cancelled, milk and eggs were sold out at all of the grocery stores.

And then it melted...


More Paddle Pics

Here are some pics that Adam took with his crushproof, waterproof, freezeproof camera. It helped while we were paddling. He just stuck on the end of the kayak! He also took a few hilarious videos of us stuck between the cypress trees...attempting to "Shoot the Gap"...

Hey! It's my first attempt at posting a video on my blog! COOL...I think it worked. Let's see if these pictures can come to life...