Cosmically Sanctioned V



The Black Galaxy

midnight mystery! That links the soul with sight
Like winds upon a mountain’s side
Glares your deepest sapphire eyes—;
Here is Pandora’s pyre,
Where chariots fly through nebulas.
midnight mystery! Here is the Black Galaxy?


Different undergrounds in Japan, London and Belgium.
Love the undergrounds.

Photo of the Day

This has got to be one of the best things about Europe...the transportation. Hop on a train and 3 countries later you are speaking a different language to people who have a totally different look about them. The most fun!!!


Your Aura is purple

Naturally made aura in Soho, London. Does that early morning sun ray follow him?

Valentina di Italia. Denmark '05 the coolest flat in Roskilde. An aura of candlelight.

Aura--aura is a field of subtle, luminous radiation supposedly surrounding a person or object...(paranormal.)

My thoughts:
so...the AURA; It makes me think of 'Dude, your aura is purple..' from the movie Almost Famous...But in relieving myself of that connotation, I see or maybe feel that an aura is just an intuition about someone.
But most importantly, check out this wacky picture by Robert Fudd Bewusstsein from the 17th century depicting our third eye. Too radical.

Beans on Tybee...Birdwatching ;) Just a fun one to throw in the mix.

Blue Man Group behind a curtain. Backlight!


A new band to check out..their new self-titled album debuts today!


In the moment

Photo of the Day
Cosmically Sanctioned Self Portrait, in the moment in the mind.
Representative of the various thoughts floating around in my reality...In my field of flowers, they hover without a destination, without resolve. Just to be...and be thought of.

One of many lone brick chimneys without a home to call their own. These are scattered through South Georgia. Maybe this photo was appropriate for the prior post.

Cool boots strolling through London. I saw these boots walking towards me..snapped a photo in the moment.


South Georgia

Some things are just made to be Southern.

These two were taken at an old antique shop/someone's home, in the small town of Brooks, GA. There are 4 things you see when you go through Brooks: A fire station, a post office, a tanning bed and this antique store.

Some people are just too Southern for their own good. Like these two; Jessica, a mountain girl and Tim, a farm boy.

Adam and his guitar, walking through a tall forest of pines.

Covered bridge in between the small southern towns of Molena and Zebulon, GA. Yes, out in the country! Only dirt roads will get you here, and there ain't much else...

An old dilapidated house in Pike County. Check out those makeshift stilts! I love the angles of this photograph...where the lines lead your eyes. It almost looks like it could be a cartoon.

Colby the cat. Mert and Jack's love. Very South GA.

Photo of the Day
Amee Bee and Kenny. I see these two as traditionally Southern. Lovely and at home, spiritual and strong, real and happy.

Sculpted Rome

A few sculptures from the classic city of Rome. I love these pictures. The first for the strong movement, the second for its classic Roman appeal, the shapes and curves, the stone. Bring them to life, if only for a moment. It's miraculous how realistic they are.

This photo was not taken in Rome, but actually Paris. If you look closely, you will realize it is not a sculpture at all, but a man making a living by sitting as still as if he were sculpted from stone.


Brackish Roots

The brackish roots of river pine
Anchored in my curving spine
Bend to the whims of wind's design
And I lay down at your side

Above the brine of reeds and clay

A swollen angel oaks bouquet
In the red wing blackbirds eyes of grey
A saltwater tear resides

But the sand and the earthen parapet
Silts into this rivulet
The bluffs and the banks will soon forget
A single tear was cried

And in this spawning ground it blooms
The nectar and the petal plumes
A purple swallow now exhumed
From the river that has died

The crimson of rinoculous
Gardenia and dianthus
The bloodless ivory water-lotus
Sweetly opens wide
Without a voice left to sing
With waterlogged and heavy wing
With peaceful eyes, unsuffering
A pigeon floats in the tide...

exerts of "Pigeon" by Jump Little Children

Surfer near Newport, OR. Catching a few waves before the storm rolls in.

Formations in the sand on the Oregon Coast. Natural canvas.

Cosmically Sanctioned Imagery IVish

Cracked face...that top layer is never secure.


Bean sauce at Tybee Island.

Some old Cosmically Sanctioned stuff...love this wacky creative side.
Well, I'm off for breakfast and a bike ride. BIG CREEK mountain biking trails are too fun; and 5 minutes from home! Unfortunately, I can't take pics while I ride or I might die.