Flowering beauties

Air Force Grad

I was finally able to see Adam again. First time in over 2 months and I have to say it was the greatest 4 days ever. He was so happy, so proud, and it was really amazing to see him in this role because it is perfect for him.

(First hug!! After we watched the ceremony, he had to stand at attention until his family came to him.) Those are our Dads in the background.

San Antonio wasn't too bad either.

Adam loved marching. It was cool to see that many people in the same rhythm with each step. Oh, not to mention there were 700 people graduation from BT. That's every weekend! Crazy numbers.


I really couldn't take my eyes off of him the entire time :)

So crazy about him...and so proud.


I can't WAIT

(When Adam is rescuing people, this is how he will carry them :)
I can't wait to see him in T -3 days! I am counting DOWN!

Current Desktop:

Siiiiigh...I can't wait to see him. SO PROUD!


A May Extravaganza

Well, I've been writing Adam a letter a day for the past two months. Literally. Including one or two pictures with each letter. I've received a few letters from him and have been able to get a brief phonecall from him once ever few weeks for about 10 minutes. It's actually quite romantic. I write him letters about what I do everyday, new ideas, new dreams..there is usually an illustration of some kind..maybe a little watercolor also. We've been so honest in our letters.
I've got to say this distance thing is not at the top of my list, but I'm being affected by it in a good way. FINALLY I get to see him in 1 week. I am flying to San Antonio to see him graduate from basic training.He is going to look so handsome in a uniform :)
I am so proud.
Then it's off to PDX, Portland to spend some QT with great friends and festivities

Can't wait for the lineup. And the GORGE
Such an exciting month for me! Won't be back to ATL until June 3. Then it's time to make some decisions.


Angelic Amee

Ok..just a couple more.


A stump cake wedding

Natalie agreed to come with me to the wedding. Yay! Roadtrip! We drove down south to Statesboro, for a very relaxed, casual, outside wedding in the Botanical Gardens which are near the University. That place is a hidden gem. A diamond in the rough, if you will.

This was probably the best wedding I've ever been to. It was beautiful, the people were beautiful, surrounded by nature, with live music, lemonade, so many old friends, my camera and the best backdrops. One of my bestest friends Amee was married on May 8, 2010.


They had a stump for a cake. It was so cute with mushrooms around the "roots" and vines growing up the sides. Original idea...it speaks volumes about their character!

I love this next photo. Amee spotted this opening that was sort of in the shape of a heart. Either way, it shaped them well. That silhouette!! Some of my favorite photos of all time are silhouettes...mmm.

She asked me to be the photographer and I was delighted to oblige. Taking the family and behind the scenes pics, engagement/couple pics etc...Over 300 pics I sent to her which were the good ones chosen from the entire bunch. Those two deserve it, they are such good people.
Best wedding ever. And they produced gorgeous photos.

Umm...my sister is gorgeous. And she is only 14. I love this girl.


Larry the Whale

in LOVE with this

Go to Youtube and type in: Larry the Whale.  This story is incredible!  There is also a great interview on Ellen.


More artwork

By the way!!!

Besides photography, I love to PAINT, draw, color within the lines, doodle, particularly with lots of wonderful bright colors. Or a sharpie.

What color is today?

PAINT...my life comes in waves of inspiration.

These are some wooden candlestick holders that I bought from Michael's...they also have cute little boxes and other stuff. They are very inexpensive and post-makeover they are colorful, and expressive and fun. Next on the shelf are wooden cigar boxes that I purchased recently!

It's been tricky deciding what goes on the color palette this week. Here is the last finished painting. I could probably use a few touch ups here and there.

My plants have begun to flourish. New season new colors :)


New Bizz Cards



I got 500 from vistaprint.com and the price was great.
Like em?


A Life

Touch it: it won't shrink like an eyeball,
This egg-shaped bailiwick, clear as a tear.
Here's yesterday, last year ---
Palm-spear and lily distinct as flora in the vast

Windless threadwork of a tapestry.

Flick the glass with your fingernail:
It will ping like a Chinese chime in the slightest air stir
Though nobody in there looks up or bothers to answer.
The inhabitants are light as cork,

Every one of them permanently busy.

At their feet, the sea waves bow in single file.
Never trespassing in bad temper:
Stalling in midair,
Short-reined, pawing like paradeground horses.
Overhead, the clouds sit tasseled and fancy

Some of Adam's panoramas. Love the peripheral.
Accompanied by A Life by Sylvia Plath.