Okinawa HAI!  YES...what an enchanting place...and we haven't even left the base.  Maybe it just seems so enchanting to us because we haven't been able to see each other this much since before he joined the Air Force!  It really has been quite the adventure so far...

We are just in the dark, without much guidance...trying to piece everything together so that we understand it, and in turn, so we can explain to everyone else what we need, inevitably, help us understand how we can help you...new motto.  Confused?  Exactly...we have been confused since we arrived.

As of right now we are holed up in a tiny hotel apartment, which could last for a few more weeks.  We are going to so many briefings, offices, and buildings, with a novel of paperwork in hand; we are processing into the Base, and proving that we really are, in fact, here.  So we haven't even been off the Air Base except for my midnight drive from the airport which I barely remember anything other than casino or pachinko lights and miniature cars driving through the main city of Naha.  Other than that, we crossed the Kadena threshold and haven't been outside the gates.  Adam's airplane actually landed on the base, so we are in for a treat in a few days...because tomorrow we get our Japanese licenses and our NEW CAR!
It looks like a little James Bond British racing car.  We love it...we haven't driven it yet, but we will tomorrow!  The driver sits on the right hand side, and the roads are opposite...so that should take some getting used to.  On the base there is a Lemon Lot, and airmen leaving on short notice will park their cars here and sell them SO cheap...we got an awesome deal.
It's a Nissan March RUMBA
new toy :)

We have friends on base who have shown us around a bit and definitely helped us out with things that we need to know.  It hasn't been a bad transition, we are just ready to get settled in, start our home, learn the island and get into our daily routine...or lack thereof.  Of course, we've only been here for 4 days, so what do we expect?  It's going to a be a slow process.
May starts the rainy/typhoon season here on Okinawa, which then leads us into summer.  It's been overcast and drizzly...we haven't seen the sun yet.  We did get to see the ocean from a distance...can't wait for a camping trip to the beach!  We are starting to realize that we want to live Off Base...and we can and will start house/apt hunting on Thursday or Friday.  We are finally adjusted to the 12 hour time change...
OKINAWA!!!!  I've already started my Japanese lessons with Rosetta Stone...woah is this going to be a challenge.  We LOVE Japanese people.  They are so nice, and smiley!  They are always smiling and cheesin out.  It's contagious.

 These are Shi-sa (or Lion Dogs) and they are everywhere!  Outside of every building, to guard the residents from evil spirits. The one with the mouth open is the male scaring off evil and the female has her mouth closed and represents happiness.

Ok..will post more when we know more.


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