Exhibit Pics

Here are 3 of the photos that are on display at REI!

Back in the days I don't remember

The far left is me and my Mama (in a really cool hat)...and the right is my Mom oggling at my Dad in his flight suit. Old school faves and currently posted on my tack board.


I am reading this AWESOME book right now called The Blue Sweater by Jacqueline Novogratz. She really tries to get to bottom of global poverty, 'bridging the gap between the rich and poor in an interconnected world' and I think she is fabulous! She has done so many things throughout her life to maximize her contributions in an impoverished world..including writing a book about it! I'm only like 50 pages in and loving it.


Photo Exhibit !

I have 12 images from shutterfly that came in last week. I will slowly but surely post all of the pictures to my blog. One of them is the photo to the right Lagos, Portugal 11 x 14 $200-------->
They are now matted and framed, with a signature from SKMPhotography on each one, 50 business cards are on their way from vistaprint.com and each photo has a pricetag :) between $200 and $75...very exciting.
They are going up in the same place that I work! REI Perimeter in Dunwoody. There are so many people that come through there!

They are on the walls:

This is only half...




.. postcard

Vintage-esque Postcards.

I basically chose a few photos, put them to a cool grainy effect, adjusted colors and color balances..added a dash of digital texture and voila! Check em--
All of these pictures were pretty recent. My personal fave.. Natalie and the yellow leaf face off. Adam's brother Jon in the second. Illinois. Corn Field.
A door handle in Charleston that look way better in this picture than the original. Then my small but delightful collection of coasters from around the world.
Probably more of this to come...

I've been writing a ton of letters lately. To Lackland Air Force Base. Homemade cards would be awesome. I wish I had a printing press.


Spring has sprung



Just around the corner

Exploration !
It's amazing what you can find right around the corner.

Or on a bathroom door.
Or in someones backyard.
If I could find something just around the corner, the best thing would be: ....

All of these were in Spain. FUN!

Historic enchantment

Loving this. Current desktop background.


I am so enchanted by Historical Europe.



Favorite movies!!!!

One of my favorite movies of all time.
If you haven't seen this flick, and you love foreign films...GO HURRY get it, watch it, love it!


Easter Flowers



In the Shade Resaurant
well...only a little bit of shade, but hey...give it a few hours...haha