Flowers, Flores, Flo

Pretty sure this is Forget Me Not... can't remember...
These were blooming on a Granny Smith apple tree.

Unaltered photo...  This was outside of Melanie's house.  So bright you may need to look away.

I love how only the very middle flower is in focus

These were growing in the greenhouse...such a vibrant color.

Upper garden delight

For all you flower lovers out there!

Flowers, a gift for the eyes, dots of bursting color on an already colorful canvas.  
I love how flowers are different all over the world, distinct to certain regions.  All the flowers are just beginning to bloom all over Patagonia, and I'll go home in a few weeks and the flowers will be wilting away to wait out the cold winter.  That's going to make me more backwards than I already am...I'll be enjoying these while I'm here, watering daily...grow plants!  GROW!

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