Early Primavera

Hiking up to the mirador/overlook after work has become a habit.  The sun sets and a pink hue is reflected off the mountain range along the Rio Blanco.  Swallows will begin to arrive for the spring season any day now, 2 new baby lambs were born today!  Now there are 8 on the farm.  15 more sheep should give birth before December and if each have twins that will be 30 baby lambs! 

The other 6 that were born a few weeks ago are all like a little family.  They run around in the field below the gardens chasing each other, making the cutest little attempts a baaa-ing, they will skip and hop around with excitement. All four of their legs will jump into the air…it’s so cute. 
Look how much they've grown!

All of these are just pictures taken around the farm.These are a few of Jorge's kids.

Today we hiked up the mountain and took a look at the hydroelectric turbine that provides electricity and hot water to the farm.  It’s incredible!  There was a stream that the settlers dug over 100 years ago from the river leading down the mountain. Now they’ve utilized it to their advantage.  About 2 years ago they created a filter along the stream, then the water flows down into a pipe that goes underground.  10 L flow through a little valve that generates 10-15 kilowatts of power every second.  There is a little engine that runs off the energy from the water…so it’s the reverse effect…rather than the engine running the turbine, the water runs the engine that runs the turbine.  I love it.  SO efficient.  Usually during the fall they go without electricity for a while because the snow from the mountains has had plenty of time to melt away and the stream isn’t flowing at a steady current anymore.  The dependence on nature…for the snow to fall, to melt, to flow, for electricity, for a hot shower…The plants need to grow and produce food…for fresh raspberry jam and salads from the garden…mmm.
The two girls are gone now, and a new couple arrived on Friday.  Cat and Matt from Michigan.  He’s a school teacher and she is a marketing director.  Welcome to La Confluencia…make yourselves at home.  Cat speaks Spanish which is great for Julia…I know she is happy about that.

We made chicken pot pie tonight…Peter worked at a bakery before he came here and he made this delicious biscuit crust on top with lots of yummy carrots, onions, potatoes, chicken…always a comfort food.  I’ll sleep well tonight. 

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