Life on the farm has changed so much since the time that it began.  We arrived to a cold, windy end of winter.  Now it's early Spring, the plants are happier, we are happier, its warm and sunny, everything is blooming, baby lambs are popping out everyday...It's a beautiful season shift, and I'm ecstatic to be a part of it.  Wandering around the gardens, these are photos of all the plants that we have been loving on for months, and now they are finally showing their appreciation, and blooming into soft colors and a warm inviting air.


Lettuce that needs to be harvested badly...overabundance!

I followed Catherine and Matt around the farm, showing them the ropes...here they are sitting in the upper gardens...one of my favorite places to work because it looks out over the field of sheep and lambs and of course Piltri has to tower over us!  What would the horizon be without Piltri?

many more flowers to come...an entire post devoted to the gorgeous colors of Argentina

Greenhouse in bloom

Work is pleasant.  When I wake up to a beautiful sunrise, I can't wait to get outside to the gardens, dig my hands in some soil, plant new life, water, bring refreshments...music in my earbuds, eyes following the baby lambs as they bounce across the fields.  This is too good to be true...really, when do I wake up?

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