The Piltri stare

The Piltriquitron Mountain is what my eyes fall on every morning when I wake up.  I stand, get my balance, and let my eyes adjust to the window where I look out and see the rising clouds over the 'Piltri' and beyond.  And during work, I glance up to see her in all her majesty, and after work,  It's a peaceful spot, the wind blows with a little more aggression, the cold air stirs violently up there on a huge rock overlooking the entire farm below and there is the Piltri...always staring back at me.

Tomorrow will be a big day...we are hiking to the top of this mountain; Cerro Piltriquitron.  We will get about half way up and stay at the refugio  2,260 meters, standing tall above El Bolson, overlooking the entire valley below and mountain ranges all the way to Chile.  We are going to make it to the highest peak of the mountain, the summit.  Photos to come!

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