Forgotten but worthy

These photos were passed over during the initial selection process, but I think they are worthy of a second glance.  I like the stories behind these pics...

A new fave!  Julia and I were hiking across the river up the road, and we came upon these two farmers who were herding about 6 young, timid, cows.  The farmers couldn't have looked more statuesque, and the cow's tone said it all..

This was the cutest little kitten ever in the history of the world...from a hostel in El Bolson

This is a tree outside of our cabin.  I walked outside just after the sheep were let out of the pen.  They lazily surrounded this tree, and I loved the symmetry.  This reminds me of a Jack Johnson album cover.

Lauren and I hiked from our little cabin all the way into El Bolson..about a 10 mile hike.  It took us 2 1/2 hours.  We went directly to the facturas tienda upon arrival :)

The sun was setting and I was up at the mirador...looking out at the floating clouds I thought of ufo's, octopi, the Argentine beret haha

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