Mi Cumpleaños!

26!  Woah...26.  Viejo.. It's funny that most people (well, at least I) don't think about age at all, until this one fateful day comes that revolves around age...only once a year. This reminder that we are aging...everyday is one more day that goes by and will never come again. Well, 26 years later, here I sit in this cabin in Argentina with new acquaintances and a longing for family, friends and love.
It's been a good day!

I woke up to Lauren taking a picture of me with my face buried in my pillow...which led to stretching, putting on some music, dancing out of bed, the smell of sweet rolls baking made from Peter wafting through the air...the day that followed was a pretty funny birthday.  First of all, I was sweeping out the attic of the huge barn where the cows and horses are housed.  As I was sweeping the spare hay, A huge chicken (which I was totally unaware was up there) flew over my head...feathers flying.  I looked at the top of the hay bail where the chicken was sitting to find 11 fresh eggs.  So I continued with the task, and walked to a different part of the attic, gathering wire and rope, and I looked up startled by a turkey's protuberant neck and feathers in her attempt to fend off a foe (me)...I laughed heartily when I saw 8 more eggs in the hay.  Moral of the story...You never know what you'll find in an attic.

Mis regalos (presents)--They made me a door!  I've been living in a room with Julia that has a sheet for a door, so they made me a wooden door with a latch for my birthday!  yesss, a fitting gift...
Julia made a delicious chocolate cake layered in dulce de leche...a delicacy here that courses through the veins of Argentina...so sweet, so tasty.  After dinner, I blew out 18 candles and we ate the cake straight out of the pan.  So good.

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  1. Hi,July hermoso lugar lokitaa estas en tu mundo lejos del quilombete que es buenos aires, tenemos un pokito de envidia jaja. disfrutalo mucho nosotros vamos a comer los canelones con tus viejos te mandamos un fuerte abrazo ,te kiero mucho la tia bibi