Over the weekend we were able to attend an Organic Bio-Intensive Workshop with Fernando Pia, an agronomic engineer who has worked with the founder of La Confluencia to help develop their farm.  The class was about a 20 hour program and we learned so much about what we eat, insecticides, fertilizers, how to start your own compost, how to create a biointensive garden bed, how to maintain it, how to transplant...He basically explained to us why we are doing this work, how to do it correctly, and how to prepare our own gardens from digging the first bit of soil, to reaping a bountiful harvest.  Half of it was in a formal class setting, the other half was out in the field.  Fernando Pia did the class in a mixture of Spanish and English; we had some good laughs.  Here are a few pictures that Mark took for the Confluence blog while we were learning about transplanting seedlings from a flat in a greenhouse, to a bed in the garden.
In this picture, Fernando Pia is showing Emily and I the correct way to transplant lechuga seeds, lettuce!
Through the season, these little baby seedlings will be watered daily, and covered with a tunnel to trap humidity and heat.  This time next year, they will look something like these!  We've been eating fresh salads from the garden lately..delicioso!

On a different note, I've been eating differently down at the lodge, and we had a meet and greet with a new Wwoofer here from Michigan, named Peter.  Something happened either Saturday or Sunday that did not sit well with me...a parasite perhaps, or some type of germ exchange..not sure.  But I've been so sick for the past 24 hours...unable to retain water, definitely not food...feeling horrible.  But today I'm better!!  and I just ate a big plate of rice with veggies and mushrooms...Rehydrating.  

I NEED to feel better!  Tomorrow is a special day...I need to be on my feet, dancing under the stars next to a bonfire with music and new friends...tomorrow this needs to happen.  And I think it will!

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