Piltri Summit

I climbed a mountain...a huge mountain...Piltriquitron, up to the summit at 7,440 feet.  I know why they named it that...it does hang from the clouds....and on Friday morning around noon I was standing on the summit inside of the clouds whizzing by me with the wind.  
The tiny dot in the center of this pic is Peter climbing up the mountain

This is Uma the dog that lives at the refugio..she hiked with us all the way up to the summit.

On the way back down, we slid on our butts down a steep slope along the peak...It was SO fun.  Let me preface by saying wear waterproof pants when you climb a mountain.


More pics of the entire hike to come..I am just exhilarated about climbing up a huge mountain that I can see from my window every morning...I feel accomplished.  Good feeling.

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  1. sally you know what, i changed my mind. dont come back. stay in this beautiful country so that i can come visit you. i mean, you can come back every now and then but gosh eveything i see there makes me want to be there and experience it for myself. love you and im looking forward to seeing you soon!