People of Japan 任意 日本

There are only a couple of weeks per year in April when the cherry blossoms are in bloom in Japan. In the Yanaka Cemetery (above) parties are held throughout by mostly businessmen who set up areas for their coworkers to party among the cherry blossoms and tombstones. Traditional mystery.

We were walking through a nearby village about an hour outside of Tokyo in Kamakura, school let out and there were lots of students walking about.

Photo of the Day
On the way home from school, girls walk along an old road lined with lanterns and cherry blossoms. They were leading away from the enormous buddhist temple behind them.

These are the Harajuku Girls. Harajuku is an area of Tokyo centered around the Harajuku train station and very large Yoyogi park...probably the only grass in Tokyo. Along the streets are boutiques and trendy shops that cater to the anime lovers.Above are a few of the anime cast, live and in person!
I was sitting on the curb outside of a three story Japanese-style family dollar; needless to say, I was people-watching.

This man is a puzzle. First of all, what is in the blue bag? Loot? Cat? Body? Is he scared or guilty? Where did he come from? Does he know where he is going?
His expression paints the entire picture. Click on this...get a close up of that face...

It's easy to put yourself into this scene. Walking down the street of Kamakura, the sun is shining in on the open air shops that line the street. A woman stops to buy...ummm, dried beans, maybe? Garlic! She wanted fresh garlic.

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