Cosmically Sanctioned Imagery

The title of this post explains itself. Manipulating images is a fun hobby of mine.There are many more where this came from. So when you see the title, Cosmically Sanctioned Imagery...prepare for alterations.

These are some good friends from college...sittin on a couch, laughing it up. So many nights went this way. Why not multiply the laughter! Can you hear it?

Accidental beaded lamp photo... But it turned quite mysterious...Currently my facebook profile pic.

Getting comfortable in my afro wig from Little Five Points, ATL. Behind me is Chicago...yes, I can be in two places at once.

Photo of the Day
This is Melissa's living room in her apartment in Roskilde, Denmark. She shared this flat with 3 guys; They were a fun bunch of French, Spanish and Italian. Good times!

Melissa reaching for something to hold on to. Making a statement by adding color to a colorless world.

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