MOTHERBOARD...behind the scenes at a concert in AL...I was amused and confused by the rows and rows of knobs and buttons, lights and sounds...a musical brain!

So much of my college experience involved sitting around a living room with friends listening to acoustic guitar, banjos and bongos. This is friend, Anthony, who plays some seriously fast banjo beats.

Adam Acoustic. A favorite artist of mine. He usually leaves me mesmerized.

AAAAAH MUSIC!!!! What would we do without it? Music can shape our experiences...music can CREATE experiences. Entering our ears, our souls...inspiring. Music earns a living.

I have always loved this picture so much. I can smell the freshly baking bread with sounds of the accordion and the hustle and bustle of Rome along the busy streets in the background. My Mom and I were sitting at a little bakery, taking a rest from walking all day. We were marking our next destination on a map, when this gentleman, along with his entire extended family, came up and began playing charming Italian music. He and his kids then approached every single table and demanded a donation. Making his living.
Rome, Italy. 2007
Photos of the Day (I can't choose between these two)

Another favorite...My first day in Athens, Greece; I came across this girl, about my age, playing soft acoustic guitar. I stopped and listened for a while, and gave her a few euro.
Her sign reads: Need Money for Beer. Maybe she was displaced from Haight-Ashbury.
Athens, Greece. 2005.


A recent discovery through Pandora. I keep it on Sigur Ros radio...it's a great way to discover new music. Thought provoking and brilliantly beautiful.

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