This pic was taken from the top of the largest cemetery in Athens. I went with a few people from Quebec and Holland. From this ledge, we looked down and saw over 1,000 boxes with human bones in them. Some of the boxes had faces on them...if I can find those pics, I will most def. post them. creepy!

Update!! I found the pictures of the human bones. Check it out!

Sketchy Bones

Athens, Greece! This was my first trip out of the United States. What an experience.

What better way to begin international exploration than to dive in head first...
GREECE! What is going on?! Greece reminds me of a cold and foggy morning, kids playing soccer along small cobblestoned streets lined with orange trees and stray cats. 2 men randomly smoking cigars on a corner in the wee hours of the morning and practically yelling at each other in their normal morning convo...it's true. I could hear them from around the corner! Greeks are loud!

I stepped off of a bus into Syndagma square, surrounded by little hidden streets that were bound to lose me. I saw a group of Asian kids around my age, most of them carrying instruments, so I followed them and they lead me to the Plaka District, right to a hostel. Then every night for the next week I sat on the roof of this hostel with wine and mostly Canadians and we stared at the Acropolis and talked about our lives.
I caught my addiction to the world on this trip...

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