Everyday People

Does anyone else find this to be hilarious?
This guy heard there was going to be a protest, so he thought...
Hey, people get hungry at protests right?
Especially these people, petitioning insufficient jobs and no money in Athens, Greece. We actually saw a riot and rocks were thrown...excitement.
I call it The guy selling pretzels at a Greek protest. 2005
Sisters find a turtle. Cape Cove, Oregon

Photo of the Day
En Fuego! During the Ferias y Fiestas...a festival in Segovia, Spain. Don't forget about the guy hangin like a monkey behind him.

This one was accepted into the Slow Exposures photo competition last year!
It was taken around 6 am at Atlanta Hartsfield Int. Airport. Ya gotta sleep..

Eugene, OR.

It is a joy in my life to take photos of people, unknown to them, that turn out to be magnificent.

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