L A G O S Portugal

This map of Portugal is a good way to see how small the southern coastline actually is. Click on map for a larger view. Lagos is closer to the west coast in between Sagres and Faro. Faro is the best way to get there, with flights coming in from Spain and around Europe. We took about an hour train ride from Faro to Lagos. Lagos is a small town, with white stucco houses, walkways made of colorful tile in the shape of fish an octopi throughout. There is a loud fish market and harbor when you first arrive. The hidden cave beaches are a little outside of town...but impossible to leave once you find them.

A view of one of the beaches from on top of the cliff where there are awesome mountain biking trails and lookouts.

These curves keep me coming back for more. I've posted this picture twice already, and this may not be the last time. LOVE IT...the frame, the rock, even the little boat zooming by in the distance.

This is the rock formation that allowed me to create an amazing frame for the rest of the pics.

I'm so small, wading in the shallow water. This was a deserted beach in between cliffs that jutted out into the ocean. We crawled through a little hole in the cliff wall when the tide went down to get here...a thrilling discovery.

Photo of the Day
Another cool reflection photo. I like seeing the sunlight illuminate the tops of the formations in the water.

The creator of this world is an awe inspiring artist.

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