This is Esteban and his friends.
He is on top of the tree; Michele's brother. There are 8 beautiful people in their family. A group of us traveled there and helped build a home for a family. It was a village built on a hillside. A very impoverished village.
The Mola is very popular in Panama. It's square, brightly colored fabrics woven into creative patterns. They usually turn them into clothing.

Taking a bath outside of the house where her grandmother and other members of the family live. Her cousin had just given birth to a new baby the day or two before. As we were leaving the village for the last time, the woman came outside with the baby and told us she named her newborn after one of the girls with us, Christie! Very kindhearted people.

This is Michele. An inspiring little girl who succeeded in changing my life..without even trying.
Chumical, Panama 2006

Photo of the day
We piled about 20 kids into a van and drove them to a nearby beach, probably around 3 miles away from Chumical. Some of the kids, even up to 15 years old, had never seen the ocean or been to this beach...even though it was so close. The road leading to the beach is not very safe.
Michele stuck with me most of the time; scared of the water.

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