Biblical, Spiritual, Heavenly

In the words of my good friend, John Kuranda, This photo is Biblical. I don't think anyone else can put it better than that. There is something biblical about it. It seems in accord with the time period and the height is reaching for heavens.
Smith Rock, OR 2008

This was taken in the grand Salamanca Cathedral in Spain. Not only were there tombs built into the ground where you walk but the Cathedral dome had carvings of such intricacy, it left my neck craned and aching when we left. I set my camera down on a pew and snapped this, capturing something quite spiritual. You can almost hear the choir in unison echoing off the Cathedral dome.

The sun is behind the cloud that looms over Stonehenge taken in 2008. People are scattered just to the right, the sky seems to be pushing down on this prehistoric monument. Heavenly.

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