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This old couple was standing in the courtyard behind Notre Dame feeding the birds. She, in her fur coat and he, in his beret are classically French. I love them, and the pigeons.
Notre Dame

Most of the time I spent in France was walking around Paris, with the company of my thoughts. It is a very enchanting city; romantic, magnificent, larger than life. The history seems to be sculpted into every corner from cobblestone to cathedral.

In honor of a recent visit from mon ami (my friend), Mr. Thibeaut Janneau du Vanneau, France...His first visit to the USA!

This bird was perched just so, that it almost looks as if the woman and child are reacting to their feathered friend. I love it when birds land in all the right places.

AAAH the Eiffel Tower. I wasn't anticipating the chills that would raise the hair on my head when I approached this iron tower of global proportions. It is a sight that we recognize from the time we are 2 years old. To see it in person, in all it's magnificence, is breathtaking.
The first was taken after I walked for about 2 hours and finally got my first glimpse...seeing it from a distance, peeking over the city, it always looks closer than it appears. So it was nightfall. But the photo is so eerie! I love it!
The second pic is at midnight. I was under the Eiffel Tower when the clock struck midnight on January 1, 2007. A fantastic way to ring in the new year...the entire tower sparkles with magic!

Merci, Au Revoir !

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