Slow Exposures Entry

He guys!! Thanks for the input on all of the photos that I was thinking of submitting for the Slow Exposures Photo Contest.
The results are in and 68 were chosen out of about 700 entries.

And I'm one of them!!! YAY!
I entered 6 photos, and this one was chosen...

Fly Fishin'

Here's the story behind the photo:
A father and son were Fly Fishin' on the Hooch one muggy afternoon after a rain. I decided to take a bike ride along the river with my camera strapped to my back in the hopes of finding some foggy inspiration along the water. I got this photo along with about 10 more of these guys fishin. I continued on my bike ride for a few miles, and on the way back, I saw the two on the path coming off the water. I stopped and told them that I took a few photos of them and would be happy to send them. I got his email address and sent a few his way. His reply was heartfelt and he thanked me graciously for sending. COOL...now it's a winner! Karma?


  1. That is so awesome Sarah. I absolutely love this picture. You are so very talented. Can't wait to read and see pictures from your upcoming travels!

  2. LOVE this photo. the wide lens, the ripples, the sweet southern landscape.