La Ciudad

Last night was fun...I felt safer at night than in the day...more policemen were out.
El Congreso has amazing architecture. I was walking around their capital building and of course...a protest. I stuck
to the busy areas. There is this pedestrian street called Calle Florida where there is live music every few blocks....usually Spanish speakers singing American songs...I stopped to listen to one band singing Pink Floyd...as I got closer, I realized they weren't actually saying anything...they were mumbling what the song sounded like...and it sounded pretty good! ha

The Pink House...where the Presidente works.

Today I woke to a policeman blowing his whistle over and over and over... and over again. Good morning city! I had a little breakfast in the hotel...so much Spanish, I love it. I have no idea what they are saying..I can definitely get by, but the Spanish here is much different than Castilian. I've gotten a few odd looks, but hey, they give me the answers I want, I must be saying something right...

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