Buenos Dias Buenos Aires!

Park in Buenos Aires

peanuts and windmills
The Congreso neighborhood..my hotel.

Plaza de Mayo
I made it! I am staying in a hotel that has an old elegant charm...an elevator runs right up the middle with an iron staircase winding around it.
s is the ceiling in my room, they are so high and the doors are massive. I love it!
The hustling bustling city is just outside of my balcony:
aka, I drift off the sleep to the sound of buses screeching to a stop, honking cars, yelling drunks and the like.
I arrived in the city yesterday morning and walked all over the Congreso district as well as Plaza de Mayo and
Microcentro. I was connected through a mutual friend, Walker, with a woman named Marta who works in a law firm here in Buenos Aires and is translating a book for him. I went to her office and spent almost 2 hours talking to her about Argentina, politicos, love, friends, and each other. We were both so excited to meet and we hit it off so well. Gracias Marta por un buen tiempo contigo...
For you Adam, every restaurant serves coke in a glass...Marta had one.

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