San Telmo y La Boca

San Telmo y La Boca...an eye catching experience.. cool BLOG from the streets of Argentina to you.
Loveit...perros, sleeping so soundly and giving me a great photo op.

La Boca

A lot of things
throughout Argentina remind me of other countries...very distinct smells, stray dogs, people with bells trying to get your attention, street vendors--here they sell honey roasted peanuts and corn, American fannypacks, fast taxis, cigarettes during breakfast, cigarettes during lunch and dinner, coffee all the time, public affection, motorcycles utilizing sidewalks, pigeons atop monuments, discotecas...black and dirty during the day, alive at night, steak grilling in the street, early morning disorientation,
public protests, street sweepers, police whistles...just a few things from today that made me smile.

a favorite--the brass door knockers:
La Boca!

San Telmo
Ok..my favorite photography thus far!!!
San Telmo is the artsy and hip district where lots of old mansions turned into cheap flats and apartments. Here there are lots of crowded antique shops, cobblestone streets, and I got there at the right time because there were not too many people. I strolled through around 10 am...street sweepers were out, and shops had just opened.
After the very long walk to La Boca the colors almost knocked me over! There were so many dancers in the streets, TANGO


  1. LOVE THESE PHOTOS... In my next life I want to come back as Sarah Moffett...LOL

  2. Hi Sarah, I am happy you could go to so many places in such a short time. It seems you like it and that is great! I hope you are having a great time in Bariloche! I will be looking at your blog from time to time to be updated.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE The pics of the dogs!! So jealous of your life right now! But I'm also so happy for you...keep up the beautiful photos.