Beinvenidos ARGENTINA!

I'm on my way!
Current Itinerary:
Thursday night I will be Argentina bound, landing in Buenos Aires the morning of August 27th. I will bus it to La Plaza de Mayo and from there walk a few blocks to a nearby hostel. Staying in the city for 2 nights. Planning to meet a woman by the name of Marta...mutual friend introduction. Catching a 20 hour bus ride to Bariloche on Sunday and arriving on Monday afternoon...staying in a sweet hostel there overlooking Nahuel Huapi. Then I'll take a bus southbound to the hippy mountain town of El Bolson where I will meet director of La Confluencia and venture into the backcountry of Patagonia to get acquainted with my home for the next 2 months. It is cold there right now...around 45°F as it is the end of their winter season.
Nice way to beat the heat in my opinion.
Well Friends and family...loved ones and lovers...I'll be back in November to plan a wedding.
Until then, My daily activities may include, but are certainly not limited to: digging and planting in organic gardens, bio-intensive minifarming, constructing energy and resource efficient buildings, tapping into alternative energy sources, community outreach, caring for the horses, sheep and cattle, cooking for new arrivals, meeting new and eager volunteers and trekking into the unknown.
Follow me on this adventure..I will be posting photos weekly, if not daily.
Excited beyond words ...


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  1. La Confluencia looks amazing, just checked out their website and I'm inclined to pack up and head down there myself. Can't wait to hear more, love from the the NW.

    And, I'm a new follower!