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I'm in Bariloche! I've learned recently that a lot of people are following my blog, THANKS for reading!! I've decided to go into more detail about my trip, my days, it helps me regurgitate these thoughts and hopefully you will enjoy and live a little through my experiences.

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Thanks again and read on! The journey is only getting better!

After a 22 hour bus ride (yes 22 hours, imagine being on a plane for 22 hours and having turbulence the entire time...) It was an overnight ride. We left from Buenos Aires Retiro bus station and into the flat and dry lands of Argentina. (Adam is hilarious...he told me that he imagined me on an old school bus, sitting next to an old man holding a goat...) Not exactly. It was a nice bus, 2 levels and I was arriba, on the second floor, so my views were nice. We watched a few movies...oddly they were all in english with spanish subtitles. Get this! One of the movies was Dear John, a story of a girl who meets a guy in the military, they fall in love and he has to leave so they only communicate through letters. I was a ball of mush...what are the odds? Another odd moment of the bus ride, after they served a modest dinner, they turned all the lights off and I thought it was time to sleep. But the bus attendant came around asking everyone if they would like a drink. I said yes and he brought me a cup of straight whiskey...no ice. Like 2 shots in a plastic cup...? I drank a sip, but that turbulence wasn't going to allow for a good time. After a bumpy sleep, the sun peaked through the shades and hit my face. I woke up and glared out the window to a view of a winding crystal clear river, and high snowy mountain peaks in the distance, which we were getting closer to with every sharp turn. I was glued to the window for the next 2 hours of the trip. Gorgeous. Unfortunately, I didn't get my camera out...that would be for Bariloche.

When we got to Bariloche, there was a light rain and a chilling wind...around 35F..cold! I took a taxi to Hostel1004, which is on the top floor of the Bariloche Center Bldg...there are no signs, I read about this place in my Argentina travelbook...they said it has the best views in town. Agreed! Here is the view from my window while I have coffee, bread with butter, homemade jam and nice company...
I've walked all around Bariloche, a cute mountain town known around S. America for the skiing. I am rooming with a girl named Maria from Israel, very nice and soft spoken. We had coffee this morning in the ttday room of the hostel...the views cannot be described with words. I even wish my camera could take pictures as clear and real as my eyes can see, but in this case, a photo cannot do it justice. It snowed last night! (more pics to come) But afterwards and this morning the clouds cleared and the mountains came into view over Nahuel Huapi Lake...

The only other thing that can take my breath away like this is Adam...that says a lot.

Many more photos to come...It takes a little while to upload, so when I get back from my trek, I will spend my time in the day room for dinner and uploading.
Sending my love from 1004 Bariloche, Argentina! xoxo

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  1. Hi Sarah again! As you see I keep my promise to follow you. I am happy that you are enjoying the wonderful landscapes of southern Argentina. Enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!
    A big hug.