Bowls and blogs

I was finally able to pick up the bowls that we made in the pottery class a few months ago.  Here they are!  Love the green!  Perfect fruit and veggie bowls.

Before we moved to Okinawa, we tried to find out everything there was to know about this island.  The absolute best resource we could find was http://okinawahai.com/
This blog has everything about everything, and the posts are submitted by anyone and everyone on the island who want to share their experiences.  Plus, every submission awards you $15, and after 10 submissions, you become a 'contributor' to their network.  Well, a few days ago I was published on OkinawaHai!  Check it out!  It will look very familiar because it's the same post that I put on my own blog about how to make a Spicy Tuna Roll...
There will also be several more to come within the next month or two that have already been accepted.  It's cool to see your name on a post that SO many people look at on a daily basis.  Upon arriving in Okinawa, we realized that OkinawaHai is just part of people's vocabulary and comes up in conversation daily.  I'm excited !
Hope everyone is getting through the heat of summer! 

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