Pottery Class in Okinawa City

A few weeks ago, we were in the community center on base and I submitted our names into about 6 different drawings.  Well, we WON one of them!  We were able to go to a local potter's studio and make bowls with him, for free.  We finished our bowls and he is going to glaze them and fire them for us.  They will be ready in a month or so.
Olibe in Japanese is the color of the green glaze, a traditional look here in Okinawa, which is famous for their pottery.  The color Olibe was named after a famous samurai on the island.
It was pretty fun!  It totally reminded me of ceramics class back in my college days.

Concentrating!  Pottery on the wheel is such a delicate process.

   Workin on the wheel.  Here in Okinawa, the pottery wheel turns clockwise, whereas everywhere else in the world it's counter clockwise.  Okinawa has a lot of history when it comes to pottery.  There are different 'pottery districts' on the island and village areas dedicated to the art of pottery.  Can't wait to visit!  We also found out the instructor that we worked with has a pottery shop in Yomitan!

Around the Studio:


  1. Looking forward to seeing the finished products!
    Kris C