Stormy seas

Oh geez, another typhoon.  At least this time we'll know a little of what to expect and that these typhoons are no joke.  The last one we experienced really shook me up...this time it's Typhoon Muifa and has been downgraded from a supertyphoon to a category 3 at the expectant time that it should pass over Okinawa.  We're expecting it on Thursday and it should last through Sunday.
We'll bring in all the plants, make sure everything is secure.  I'm thinking this time I will just wear my headphones to bed so I'm not listening to the howling winds getting stronger through the night...
Good thing we live in a concrete bunker!

In other news, Adam's shift has completely flipped.  He is now working nights from 11:30pm to 7am.  He sleeps through the first part of the day.  I'm able to get all of my stuff done with the Red Cross.  I'm their new lead records chair.  It's great because I make my own hours as long as I come in and get things done.  It's nice to have a position where I'm able to make a difference for such a great organization.  I've also made some great friends.

Okinawa has been SO HOT!  And very humid.  The only way to stand the heat is to jump in the ocean...which has been a recurring part of our days.  We love snorkeling at Maeda Flats, and we have such a great little beach 2 minutes from us where we can go for a dip.  The ocean water is nice and cool while the sun is blazing.  Cinder loves the water too.

We're planning a trip to Vietnam sometime in the next few months.  We have a lot of things to celebrate...our 1 year anniversary is coming up, and my birthday is in October among other things.  We just want to get away, just the two of us and do something grand.  Vietnam looks like an amazing country...can't wait to see for ourselves!

My blogging has been a bit weak lately due to a busy schedule, a changing schedule, and lots of new things.  Don't worry though...there will be a peak season coming shortly.
We miss everyone and can get a bit homesick at times, but we're really learning all the great things that Okinawa has to offer...come visit us people!!!  We are taking reservations! :)

I found these pics on Adam's computer.  A while back he snapped some pics of me in action mode.

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