Streetcorner cafe

Bocadillo in Spain
Sugary croissant in Paris
Fruit and champagne
Facturas in Argentina
Café con leche, café, café, café
Early morning light

Eagerly awake, map open, ready to embark on a new day, discover something new, awaken the senses..starting with breakfast.

 One of my favorite things in life…waking up in a new foreign city, new air, new light, new day, the smells wafting through the air from a nice corner bakery or café, cute tables line the streets, introduction to new flavors and obsessions, marveling at the morning, mapping out the adventures to come.  Europe in all its charming essence has the perfect scenery to accomplish all of this, a sense of wonder, and charm.  It never fails…

 I just found a sweet little bakery around the corner from us.  It’s so tiny, and very easy to pass by.  The name on the window is ‘Boulangerie Couques’  …quite French, nowhere close to Japanese.  But they have amazing crusty French bread, and delish pastries, sweet buns and fruit tarts.  It takes all of my self control not to stop in everyday...not only to buy everything,  just to smell the beautiful aroma of freshly baking bread.

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