Cliff Climb

Adam is a climbing monkey.
He has been researching all the rock climbing that Okinawa has to offer since before we arrived.  Lucky for him, one of my favorite places on the island, Cape Zampa, offers a 150 ft cliff wall! 
Here are some pics from last weekend.  Adam rappelled down the cliff, reached the bottom and explored the caves and boulders below, and then climbed back up.  I had my feet planted firmly on the ground the entire time...camera in hand.  I have more to live for at the moment.  :)

 The sun was bright and shining right through the water...This is also a pretty popular diving spot on the island.Adam was getting ready to rappel! 

See the rope on the left?  He anchored it in 3 places to be on the safe side...or to appease me.  Down he goes..

 He made it look so easy.  Here there's my shadow!

 He looks SO far away at the bottom...a tiny little person surrounded by huge boulders. 
 I love this picture of him walking towards the cave at the bottom of the cliff...in comparison to how small he is, it really shows how huge the mouth of the cave was!

 Beautiful Zampa..
 It was a bright sunny morning, around 8am. 
 Straight down...
 Then he started climbing back up...There were a few spots that were overhung and he had to work pretty hard to get up and over.  I was holding my breath.

 Adam!  I know you're tired, but say cheese!

He made it look so easy...I was so impressed!  The climbing part was fun to watch and everything, but I must say that my favorite part of the day was when we got home and he uploaded the photos that he took from the bottom...and then I saw this picture:
I LOVE THIS PHOTO!!  He's a climbing photographer...amazing!


  1. Adam, you're nuts, and that looks like great fun! Glad you were safe, outstanding pictures from both of you Sarah and Adam. Just awesome, thanks for sharing.

    -Pat Reilly

  2. Fabulous! The climb - the photos - the blue sea. What next? Cinder on a rope?

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