Delica Star Wagon

Ever since our investment in our lemon Delica, Adam has become quite smitten with the Delica craze here on the island.  He is absolutely crazy about Delica's.  Especially when they have lifts, big mud tires, full custom graphics and big racks on top.

 Here are two that grabbed his attention.  Adam, this post is in your honor.

Of course, we have to give a shout out to our Star Wagon.  Adam took a pic of the front of it here:
The Special Gear for 4x4 Runners
This would make any man drool.

Cinder likes it too..it's nice, shady and roomy.  She looks so small all the way in the back!

HEY!  How did this adorable picture of Cinder get on the Delica post?  
I call this the Pancake Picture.

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